Image shows step for step how to use Whirlwind dust collector from Pellvac

Table of contents

Image shows step for step how to use Whirlwind dust collector from Pellvac

Table of contents

Guide: How to use Whirlwind ash and dust collector

When it’s time to clean your pellet stove or fireplace, this guide will help you use a Whirlwind ash vacuum collector from Pellvac. Here’s what you need to know.

Bild på en kvinna som öppnar spännringen på en Virvelvind asksug

Unboxing Whirlwind

Whirlwind is already mounted out of the box but not ready to use. So start by removing the clamping ring.

Kvinna tar ut sugslang från Pellvac Virvelvind

Remove the suction hose

All Whirlwinds come with a suction hose located inside the bucket. If the suction hose is missing, it is likely that you ordered a Pre-Cyclone by mistake. Pay attention when ordering. It looks almost the same, but the cyclone top is dimensioned for 50 mm hose and is mainly used as a component of the Pellvac vacuum system for suction transportation of pellets.

Kvinna spänner spännringen till Virvelvind Pellvac asksug

The clamping ring

Ensure the cyclone is properly aligned with the gasket and clamp it by hand. The tensioning ring may be difficult to close initially but will become easier over time.

Kvinna sätter på sugslang på Virvelvind asksug

Connect suction hose

Connect the suction hose to the inlet pipe of the cyclone. No further action is required.

kopplar sugmunstycke i cyklontoppen på Virvelvind

Connect suction nozzle

Put the vacuum cleaner nozzle straight down into the eye of the cyclone. A small rubber sleeve will hold the nozzle tightly.

The standard diameter of a vacuum cleaner nozzle is 40 mm, but deviations exist, such as oval nozzles in Electrolux and some other brands of household vacuum cleaners.

There is an adapter to buy to make it fit Whirlwind.

kvinna suger aska från eldstad med Virvelvind

Clean out the ashes

Start the vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming the ash. The nozzle is made of aluminium. It is flexible and can be angled up to 90°.

It helps you to access all angles. We do not recommend flattening the nozzle.

Nozzle and hose can withstand up to 125°C. You can vacuum warm ash, but ensure there is no glowing ash or embers, as this can harm your vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum your fireplace from ashes,
but avoid big pieces of charcoal.

Whirlwind separates up to 99% of pellet ash and soot. We have noticed with chunks of charcoal, the separation rate can drop slightly. But this is easy to avoid. Our German customer experienced a lower-than-expected capture rate due to large pieces of charcoal getting stuck in the hose and stopping the airflow.

Large pieces of charcoal can advantageously remain until the next time you ignite fresh new lumber. Poke the big chunks of coal aside and only vacuum the fine or coarse ashes. After that, they were more than happy and sent pictures and a movie for us to use in this article.

asksink med aska i
Smyg in sugmunstycket från sidan för att suga aska på rätt sätt

Here’s the best practice to get the best results. Sneak in the nozzle and let the intake trap the ash. Consider 50% ash and 50% air.

Sugmunstycke nertryckt i en hög med aska

If you vacuum too aggressively, you risk losing airflow. Also, if you hear the vacuum cleaner pitching a high-frequency sound, you are doing it wrong.

Does my vacuum cleaner
work with Whirlwind?

The Whirlwind ash vaccum collector works with all ordinary household vacuum cleaners that are not bagless. If you have a bagless vacuum machine, we do not recommend a Whirlwind. The reason is that the amount of ash that continues into the vacuum cleaner should primarily be captured in the vacuum cleaner bag. In the next step, the fine dust will go on to microfilters and Hepa filters.

We also want to draw attention to the fact that there are household vacuum cleaners with an oval suction nozzle. Unfortunately, these do not fit Whirlwind and require an adapter. You can find the adapter here.

If you have a vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction power, you can experiment with the level. Some vacuum cleaners may have a higher suction power than expected for a standard home vacuum cleaner. Should you experience that you do not get the correct separation and your vacuum cleaner has an adjustable control, try lowering the suction power by 10%. But do not lower too much; it is, after all, the airflow itself that creates an effective separation.

Whirlwind ash vacuum collector 20 liters

Ash vacuum separator for all who are tired of clogging filters. Industry-tested degree of separation up to 99%. Suitable for regular home vacuum cleaners. Recommended for all who use wood pellet.

Asksug med 62 liters fat. Virvelvind cyklon från Pellvac
Whirlwind ash vacuum collector 64 liters

Ash suction for those with more significant needs, such as industry, construction site or workshop. Used with central vacuum cleaners whose power is off 200 to 400 m 3 / h depending on hose length. The cyclone top connection is 50mm.

En pelletskamin och asksug Virvelvind

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