Cyclone dust collector

Pellvac Cyclone dust collector

Brand new Cyclone dust collector with up to 99% separation

We are introducing Whirlwind, a cyclone dust collector from Sweden. Use the power of physics — vacuum ash and bulk material with Whirlwind from Pellvac.

Made in the Kingdom of Sweden, this unique low-profile design of cyclone dust extractor collects 99% of coarse bulk material such as ash and sot and much more.

a pile of gypsum
Cyclone Dust collectors from Pellvac.

Up to 99%




Over 10 000


Dust collection is what we do best!

Dust collection of bulk materials is one thing many industries struggle with. At Pellvac, we build cyclone dust collectors that can extract coarse bulk materials such as ash, wood chips, or other granular materials. We do not even use any filters. Instead, we use a proven cyclone technique with a unique design. Meet Whirlwind from Pellvac.

Vacuum ash and coarse bulk materials — The Swedish way.
Cyclone dust collector
This is a fireplace. This is to show one area where Pellvac Cyklone dust collector can be used

Made to help vacuum ash from your fireplace.

Whirlwind is a cyclone dust collector with a unique design. It is a well-tested technology to vacuum ash from a fireplace or wood pellet stove.

Just put the vacuuming nozzle into the top of the cyclone, and start cleaning your fireplace from ash or your workshop from dust.Our easy to use dust collector can also vacuum hot ashes (not glowing) because of the included heat resistant hose with a 90° flexible aluminium nozzle.

Check out our 3 min video!

Cyclone dust collector for home and workshops.

Meet the Whirlwind family. The Cyclone pre-separator that filters up to 99% of coarse bulk materials — with no filters. It is produced in Sweden and has for over 20 years earned a home at exceeding 10 000 households and workshops.

Ash vacuum cleaner from Pellvac. Extract dust with this cyclone dust collector.

Whirlwind dust cyclone 20 litre

Our most popular dust cyclone. Use your regular vacuum machine and start cleaning your fireplace or workshop. You can use any regular vacuum (not bagless) for the home appliance with Whirlwind from Pellvac.

Whirlwind 64 litres. Cyclone dust collector for vacuum ash and bulk materials.

Whirlwind dust cyclone 62 litres

This is our larger cyclone with a container for 62 litres. Used with a central vacuum cleaner system. Also suitable to mount on a carriage for better mobility. Popular for many industry such as smokery and wood workshops.

Our cyclone dust separator Whirlwind 216 litres from Pellvac. Vacuum bulk material with cyclone dust collector.

Whirlwind dust cyclone 216 litres

Are you in need of greater solutions to collect and separate bulk materials? Increase the volume to our 216 litres solution. Popular with larger industries, smokery and wood and metal workshops.

You can vacuum…


Wood Ash

Workshop dust

…and much more! Our cyclone handles particles down to 5µm, which means that not even we know all the cyclone’s uses. New ideas are constantly emerging. What once started as a dust collector for pellet dust has today been applied within ventilation, smokehouse, construction, etc. Our cyclone is also manufactured under license from PiVac AB in stainless steel for the food industry. Contact us if you have questions or ideas. We would love to hear about your ideas. Contact Us!
We are looking for retailers in Europe

Become a retailer

As our unique design and proven quality have reached the attention of many companies globally, we are now looking for retailers in Europe. In Sweden, we have sold more than 10 000 Whirlwind Cyclones for home appliances. Beyond that, we are also shipping our industrial solutions.

Today we have retailers in Denmark, Finland and Switzerland.

Who is the customer?

Pellet stove owners

People who own a house and use a pellet stove are ideal customers. This is our core audience in Sweden.


We have shipped many large cyclone solutions to smokery and similar industries. Any business handling soot is a core customer.

Woodworker Workshop

People who run a business within carpeting or building things in the garage want to use our cyclone.

Metal Workshop

A business that works with metal knows very well the importance of a clean and healthy environment. Let Pellvac dust cyclone separator help with that.

Do you want to be a retailer?

…or would you just want to ask us a question? Please send us a note using this form below!

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