Woodworking dust collector from Pellvac
with a better separation

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Cyclone for wood chip collection from Pellvac

The latest addition in The Whirlwind family is a woodworking dust collector. Specially adapted to 200/216-litre drums but can also be specially ordered with a screw flange to be mounted on containers.

The wood dust collector manufactured by Pellvac uses a unique cyclone developed due to increased demand, primarily from the sawmill industry. Lots of wood chips and sawdust are produced daily, which are sucked up with chip wood vacuum cleaners. But what happens to its filters?

With Pellvac’s Chip collector cyclone, up to 99% of chips and wood dust are collected before entering the vacuum cleaner. This way, you do not have to change bags and filters as often, and your equipment lasts longer.

Save money

With the Pellvac chip vacuum cyclone, up to 99% of chips are stopped before they enter the vacuum cleaner.

Longer service life

The wood chip vacuum wears out over time. Collect chip wood and dust before clogging the filter and extending the life of your machine.

Fewer filter changes

With only 1% of wood dust continuing into your chip vacuum cleaner, you do not need to change filters as often.

Made in Sweden

Pellvac has over 20 years of industrial cyclones and separation technology experience and is a proud Whirlwind cyclone manufacturer. Swedish quality.

Wood dust cyclone collector with
up to 99% separation

With a Whirlwind cyclone from Pellvac, you can collect wood and coarse dust – up to 99% ends up in the cyclone barrel. With ø102 pipes and a dimension of ø500mm, it is adapted for flows of 650-1300m³ / h. The flange fits a 216L barrel, alternatively a screw flange for mounting on larger vessels.   The Woodworking dust collector is intended for materials that are not considered particularly abrasive, such as wood, plastic, etc.

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Spånsug cyklon från Pellvac

Price €1393 ex VAT (shipping costs will be added)

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