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Pellvac has its production located in Sweden. At all levels, we manufacture according to union-agreed wages.
We believe that Swedish jobs benefit both the Swedish economy and the environment.

In its standard version, Whirlwind works well for all kinds of powders that do not stick. There are special solutions for long fibres, granules or sticky materials. Contact us for advice. One should pay attention to materials that can be charged statically.

To get the best result, you must not be hasty. The flow must carry the material, do not force-feed it. If you feel that it “jerks” in the hose, you’re doing it wrong. Apply 50% air and 50% ash when vacuuming.

Also, pay attention to the condition of the vacuum cleaner bag. If the bag and filter are clogged before you start using Whirlwind, the result will be accordingly.

Your vacuum cleaner may be too powerful. Whirlwind is built for standard household vacuum cleaners. If your vacuum cleaner is too powerful, you can turn it down 10-15%.

Vacuum ash properly

No! When you vacuum 1kg of ash, approximately 1% will continue into your vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner bag acts as an additional filter before the ash reaches the HEPA filter. But with a bagless vacuum cleaner, that 10 g of ash goes straight into the HEPA filter. This means that the filter will soon be clogged, leading to reduced airflow. As the airflow decreases, the separation efficiency decreases and more ash particles get trapped in the filter.

Whirlwind is delivered with a heat-resistant hose that can withstand up to 125°C, which means you can vacuum warm ash. But do not vacuum embers!

There is a risk that glowing particles will flare up inside the Whirlwind and can travel into the vacuum cleaner.

Carefully pick through the ashes, making sure that no glowing embers remain. Pellvac is not responsible for damage caused by improper use.

Whirlwind is connected to a standard household vacuum cleaner (not bagless). You take the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner and stick it into the top of the cyclone. The little blue sleeve on top helps keep it tight.

Make sure the vacuum cleaner is on full power. If you have an unusually powerful vacuum cleaner, this can in some cases lead to poorer separation efficiency. You can then try setting the power down 10% at a time.

Vacuum cleaner connected to the Whirlwind ash vdust collector from Pellvac

An adequately designed vacuum cleaner should seal tightly against the bag when you close the cover. But if it does not, dust will circumvent the bag. This becomes particularly evident when you vacuum ash.

If you experience this error, your Hepa filter will clog faster and eventually damage the engine, whether for regular domestic use or vacuum ash.

You can put your finger in the inlet and adjust the rubber gasket so that it fits properly.

The picture shows what it looks like when the bag does not seal itself against the inlet. You see the rubber gasket that you can correct with your finger. In fact, if you can’t see the rubber gasket, it should be in the right position.

Dust bypasses vacuum cleaner bag

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Press and Media

Article from 2007 about the founder of Pellvac and the inventor of the Whirlwind ash cyclone – Thore Fridhill

Norwegian article from 2011 published by Norsk Landbruk writing about the Whirlwind ash cyclone.

Download fact sheets and dimensional drawings

Download the System 1 fact sheet here.

Download the fact sheet on system 2 here, formerly called system 3.

Download dimensional drawing for Sughink 20 litres here.

Download the dimensional drawing for Sughink with sluice here.

Download the dimensional drawing for the bulk storage conveying screw here.

Instructions on Whirlwind can be downloaded here.

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