Fully automatic system for boilers WITHOUT internal storage

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Also this system omits the boiler room storage as the pellets are fed continously from the primary storage to the boiler with the help of an electronic monitoring system. System 3 also suits top fed boilers without an internal storage. When the level in the suction pot is low the vacuum cleaner starts and fills the pot until the upper level sensor signals it’s full. When the vacuum cleaner stops the pellets are released into the 12 litre storage pot. The boiler controlled feeding screw then feeds the pellets to the boiler.

The suction hose between the primary storage and the boiler room can be placed underground, or hung on the house wall or under the roof.






All good things are three!

A new three-way valve enables you to use your central vacuum cleaner for pellets tranport, cleaning out ashes or cleaning the house!

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Don’t miss our video about pellet handling. Here you can get some ideas.

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